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Increase your revenues,
save time

Make your car keyless and manage your Turo fleet remotely with Linkey.

20% OFF with code: TURO20

Access the car instantly, and start your trip without ever meeting your host in person.

Keyless entry Turo Hosts

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Contactless pick-up and drop-off


Locate the vehicle


Get your car 24/7

Some of the Linkey powered Turo hosts

Rent a car on Turo with the Linkey technology


I found the installation of the Linkey box easy for me, I enjoyed it. 


Efficient, effortless checkin and checkout process is what I was looking for.


This is something that every guest expect, most of the fleet providers already have this.

Upgrade your Turo vehicles with the latest seamless technology.
Get your 20% OFF with code TURO20!

Roam freely and drive a car whenever you need it

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